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S-CUBE Founded in 2012. We are specialized in Server, Security Solutions and Storage..

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We provide Spares for end of sale equipment's within 7 days

  •  Flexible upgrades throughout the term of the lease.
  •  No money down for qualified customers.
  •  End-of-lease buyouts.
  •  Packaging of software and services with lease

Rental Services

S-cube’s offers a wide range of servers, storages, tape libraries, SAN switches on rentals. It gives most of the companies the flexibility to meet their short term needs without investing heavily on servers and storage.

With large inventory from major IT OEM’s, such as IBM, Dell, HP, EMC, Netapp we’re confident that we have the IT hardware required by you. We are proud suppliers of rental servers and storages to very large customers like TCS, Tata Capital, ABB, Vardhman, Indian Navy Torrent Pharma to name a few.

The rentals are offered for minimum one month to 12 months to meet most of our customer requirements.

The rentals are required by most customers for below needs:

  • Seasonal Spikes: If you are a government customer and needs additional capacity to meet tax fillings and company returns fillings during the quarter and year ends.
  • POC: Most customers wants to test the application performance before making a purchase and rentals play a major role to meet such requirements.
  • Test Environments: To achieve short-term development or application testing.
  • Benchmarking. Performance testing a particular application for sizing and making a wise purchase.
  • Data Center Movement: Servers and storage to ensure availability of your business during data center movement from one data center to another.