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S-CUBE Founded in 2012. We are specialized in Server, Security Solutions and Storage..

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IT Security

IT Security


IT Security Services – Overview

  • Cyber Security Services
  • Bid Advisory & IT Due  Diligence
  • IT Attestation, Audit and  Assurance
  • Project Risk Management
  • Emerging Technology Risks
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Consistently enforce access rights across your business environment

Cyber Security

Cyber Security – Cyber Enablement

This includes implementation and integration  of security tools ex. DLP, SIEM, DRM,  PIM/PAM, IAM, CASB, GRC tool selection  and analysis, solution configuration, post  implementation production support, and  transition management.

Cyber Security – Strategy and  Governance

Security strategy, cyber maturity assessment,  information governance, capability  assessment, Target operating model,  regulatory compliance assessment, CISO on  demand, CISO metrics and reporting forms  part of Strategy and Governance.

Cyber Security – Privacy

This includes development of privacy &  data protection policies, data identification  and classification, development of privacy  awareness training contents, general data  protection regulation readiness.

Cyber Security – Resilience

This service includes prioritization of critical  business process and formalization of  recovery requirements, Resilience  diagnostic/current state assessment, risk  assessment for critical business functions,  supply chain resilience, simulation of exercise and testing

Cyber Security – TPRM

The third party security risk management  includes third-party security program (internal)  maturity current-state assessment, design of  supporting policies, procedures, and  questionnaires, centralized third-party  (external) security assessment service and  related program reporting.

Cyber Security – Ethical Hacking

Vulnerability assessments, red/blue team  assessments, network penetration testing,  application penetration testing, wireless  penetration testing, mobile application testing,

Project Risk Management

The Project Risk Management Service offering aims to drive the speed and effectiveness of change within an organization by  helping increase the likelihood of success. The service encompasses project governance and risk management over the full  cycle of any initiative.

  • Providing client management with an objective  and independent assessment of the risks of a  business initiative, program, or project
  • Assist clients in validating their business  objectives and functional requirements for a  proposed solution. It confirms the business drivers  and linkages to other business
  • Establishing standards and processes by which  third party deliverables are measured
  • Creating accountability and control processes to  manage and evaluate a portfolio of projects using  four cornerstones: commercial value, social value,  balance, and strategic alignment