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IP Surveillance Solution Video Management System

1.1 SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE: Video Management System (VMS) shall be a fully digital IP-based video surveillance system that brings together in one system a network video recorder (NVR) with unlimited storage capacity and integrations onto various DVRs/NVRs, and analog video switchers. As a software-based enterprise-level video and data management system, VMS shall provides a single GUI that monitors, records, and offers functionality to deliver the timely, accurate information required for effectively responding to any challenge. VMS shall be a fully scalable enterprise-class media management system. This advanced network-based system architecture enables simultaneous live monitoring from multiple stations and is easily configurable for storage both on and off site. The software can be configured to store and to view images captured by one camera or thousands of cameras and monitor connections across an unrestricted number of servers. VMS can be designed to effectively integrate with access control, intrusion detection system and video equipment including DVRs, NVRs, keyboards, encoders, decoders and cameras to leverage and protect investments in legacy infrastructure and equipment.

The following diagram explains the relationship of various system and integration components:

A. VMS-Client Application shall provide live video view, various video playback support, historical video search and playback, PTZ Controls, alarm management, E-Map integration and front end control features to an operator. Client Application shall also able to manage & control all devices depending on the user access privileges. System should support virtually unlimited VMS Clients.

B. VMS Database Server contain a web based data management center includes user management, facility management system logs etc. and event & control service which receives and controls events and commands of various formats via different communication modes, integrating video, access & intrusion (alarm) devices. The Primary Database Server shall able to support either upto 500 cameras/server or a combination of 300 cameras with 200 access readers and 200 intrusion alarm zones per server or any such combination of various front end devices. However the system should be capable to expand virtually upto unlimited number of cameras, access & intrusion points by incorporating multiple servers to make a complete enterprise security systems.

C. VMS Redundancy Kit shall provide necessary hardware and software to provide hot standby for the VMS database servers.

D. Network Video Recorder (NVR) shall able to receive and store videos from various front end devices and forward to various decoders, clients applications connected to the enterprise security system; ensuring a smooth transmission when transmitting mass videos in various bandwidth levels. Each NVR server shall able to support upto 340mbps data throughput which can take upto 128 cameras recording @ D1 resolution with 40 channels playback at real time simultaneously. Each NVR shall be provided with a storage chassis which should able to expand upto 32TB and can be further expanded upto 96TB by incorporating the additional storage chassis.

E. NVR Storage Expansion Chassis Storage Expansion Chassis, a direct-access storage disk array which shall connect to a NVR to provide extra data storage capability.

F. VMS Decoder, 4 Channels High Definition Network Video Decoder; Support 4 VGA/DVI-D ports which shall able to decode high definition (1080P / 720P), megapixel and standard resolution. Each monitor shall support upto 16 images per screen or simultaneously decode upto 4 streams at D1 resolution with real time on each port.

System shall support integration of various system components as detailed below as a minimum to create an enterprise level Security Management System.

A. Recorders: Video Management System (VMS) shall support integration with digital and network video recorders (DVRs/NVRs). VMS shall have the ability to access and manage necessary functions of the recording devices through the VMS client interface, such as live video, recorded video, playback, camera configuration, PTZ control and other associated functions. The system shall support 128 Channel NVR & 16 Channel NVR at 25 fps @ D1 resolutions as a minimum.

B. Encoders: VMS shall support integration with video encoders. VMS shall have the ability to access necessary functions of the analog cameras connect to video encoder, such as live video, recorded video, PTZ control and other associated functions. The system shall support 2-Channel; 4- Channel encoders @ D1 resolution as a minimum. Encoders should support HDD upto 6TB for local recording.

C. Decoders: VMS shall support the decoder to view the live video on analog Monitor or Video wall. The system shall support Single Channel & 4-Channel decoder devices as a minimum.

D. IP Cameras: VMS system shall support IP cameras. VMS shall have the ability to access necessary functions of IP cameras, such as live video, PTZ control and other associated functions. The system shall support IP Dome (Indoor/Outdoor) with fixed/Varifocal lens; IP Dome with inbuilt IR illuminator; IP Box with fixed/Varifocal lens and IP PTZ Cameras. VMS shall support various Camera resolutions at VGA; 4CIF; D1; 720P; 1.3MP 1080P/2.1MP.

E. VMS shall support Edge based Video Analytics.

F. VMS shall have a capability of Analog Video Switcher integration.

G. VMS shall support IP keyboard with joystick for PTZ control, Camera and Monitor Selection as a minimum.

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