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Specialized in Server.

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Specialized in Security Solutions.

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Specialized in Storage.

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Data Center Hosting

Data Centre Migration

Data Centre Management

Our Valuable Clients

S-cube Storage Systems Pvt Ltd founded in 2012

  • Specialized in Server, Storage andSecurity Solutions
  • Advance skills around Unix , Backup , Virtualization, SAN etc
  • Great experience in Data Centre Migration with a Turn key approach.
  • Highly Skilled resources to Plan and Deploy Data Centre Infrastructure and Management

Why Choose Us

We have a deep understanding of solution design and deployment of IT infrastructure which satisfies customer requirements based on industry standards and best practices.

Our primary objective is to provide smooth and stable service for uninterrupted business continuity.

We are highly skilled in multi platform, heterogeneous environment which allow us to provide out of the box, cost effective solutions and configurations.

We have huge experience on multi OEM platforms and technologies which makes us ideal option for data centers operations, deployment and management.

Our keen focus on best and on time delivery keeps us ahead in our work.

KEY PROJECTS WORKED - Data Centre Deployment and security

Deployment Of Data centre for Delhi excise on IBM P Server Includes Server Virtualization, High availability  for Production Servers.

IT infrastructure implementation for Valvoline Eicher which involves planning designing, deployment and documentation for their CRM platform.

Data Centre implementation for PDS Multinational includes SAN Deployment ,  BACKUP Configuration and  Vmware ESX.

E-MIGRATE Data Centre and DR Implementation on IBM P Server Includes Server Virtualization, High availability for Production Servers.We also configured Netapp Based SAN Infrastructure and TSM for Backup Services .We used SNAP Mirror for DR data Shipment.

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